284 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park,

London, N4 2HY

020 7561 1337

Door Policy

  • Right to refuse entry

  • No ID no entry

  • Last entry 1:30 am

  • No drinks outside after 11.30 pm

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and must vacate the premises by 8pm

  • No walk-in after midnight (guest list/bookings operating nightly) or when capacity is deemed to be reached (this can include expected reservations)

  • No tracksuits

  • No photographing, recording or filming of staff inside or outside premises

  • Dogs must vacate the premises by 9 pm. Dogs are owner’s responsibility, our premises do not accept responsibility for any dog within premises

  • Mixed groups

  • No liquids

  • No entry when capacity is reached

  • Drugs – zero tolerance policy applies

  • Over the limit – anyone who presents themselves at the door who are clearly over the limit will be refused entry

  • Abuse zero tolerance

  • Disabilities – If you have any disabilities that you wish to disclose & which you need assistance with, please disclose and we will be happy to help